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18 Jan

Management Reporter: Change Base Period/Year in Web Viewer

As each new Management Reporter cumulative update (CU) is released, at least one significant new feature is usually included. For Management Reporter 2012 CU14, that feature is the ability...

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14 Aug

Managing Your Management Reporter Reports

Your report library is a mess. If you are using Management Reporter 2012 (MR) and storing all of your reports in a single folder, you know what I am...

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13 Aug

Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Create, maintain, deploy, and view financial statements easily with Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Management Reporter is an interactive reporting application created for financial and business professionals to...

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31 Jul

New “Display in Grid View” Feature in Management Reporter CU13

Management Reporter 2012 CU13 was released today. You can read all about it on the MSDN blog, but there are a couple of items worth mentioning here. You can no...

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15 Dec

Management Reporter: Printing Zero Dollar Lines

“My zero dollar line is not printing even when I remove the X0!” – Desperate Customer Just about every month, I get a call or an email from a...

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