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29 Mar

Working with a Solutions Provider Can Save You Money on your ERP Software Solution

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Using a managed solutions provider will save you time and money in the long term and provide immediate ROI.

When you make the decision to enhance or change your business software, you’re looking for the essential tools, features, and services that will make an immediate impact and measurable difference in your business operations. If your goal is to scale your software needs as your business grows, a managed solutions provider will guide you to a positive decision.

Buying into a software package that offers the ultimate all-in-one solution, all at once can be tempting, but matching your current needs to your growth cycle is a smarter move, not to mention the upfront cost savings.

Working with a managed solutions provider such as Conexus SG, you have the advantage of selecting only the software features you need at a particular period. This allows time for you to plan for projected business growth rather than buying things upfront that you don’t need immediately and likely won’t use until later.

A managed solutions provider will help you:

·       Identify the best software for your specific business needs

·       Optimize your business processes

·       Minimize disruption and risk

·       Keep up with ever-changing targets

·       Scale up or down as needed

·       Have less downtime and increased productivity

·       Lower overall costs

·       Access expert knowledge

·       Experience easier, faster technology adoption

There are many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions available in today’s fast moving business environment. Conexus SG can help you optimize your business by helping you focus on essential competencies and business procedures you need and the best timing for when you need them.

Our teams of certified consultants work closely with major companies such as Oracle and Microsoft, staying current on ERP systems which offer maximum solutions. NetSuite is a popular ERP system which offers solutions to address multiple business requirements across many market verticals. Your Conexus SG consultant will direct you to the best system for your overall requirements.

Conexus SG consultants leverage a combined 100 years of ERP consulting experience to help you find the best solution for your business. From customized training to comprehensive optimization, we cover every step of the process, helping you to maximize your ERP solutions from day one.

Our managed solutions services will help facilitate accelerated time-to-market and reduce development costs, enabling you to achieve business agility, faster and with fewer resources.

Working with you as your managed solutions provider, Conexus SG consultants will provide value in areas such as:

·       Solution coordination

·       Business advice

·       Functional insight

·       Technical leverage

·       Single point of coordination

·       Available assistance

Solution providers offer a more comprehensive approach to technology and typically suggest a range of expert-led services allowing you to implement solutions specific to your needs. Our goal is to see your business problems solved with a software solution which brings continuous value, in the scope that serves you best.

By leveraging the technology resources you need right away and scaling for future needs as your business growth dictates, you will be better positioned strategically to make informed choices that will encompass and impact all the organization’s stakeholders.

Conexus SG can help you enhance the optimization and enablement of your business with our ERP Mapping Tool. This helpful tool will guide you in outlining the essential competencies and business procedures you need to consider when choosing an ERP software solution. Download our ERP Mapping Tool. As an established Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas ERP consulting organization, Conexus SG believes in establishing relationships with our clients founded on our core values. We have successfully helped numerous businesses optimize their systems and empower their operations, continuing to build business relationships based on trust. Contact us for a consultation.

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