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30 Mar

ERP systems checklist: Selecting from shortlisted candidates

We developed this ERP systems checklist for companies who have short-listed ERP systems after determining that they fit with their business’ functional requirements. The following criteria will help narrow down the choices further to two or three finalists.



☐ Data import – Ease/flexibility in migrating current data to the new system

☐ Data visualization/export – Can export data in the following formats:

☐ Excel



☐ Reporting – Can show data via:

☐ Dashboard

☐ Downloadable charts

☐ Customization capabilities

☐ None/minimal

☐ Some customization required

☐ Complete customization required

☐ Technical resources

☐ Knowledge base/wiki

☐ Community forum

☐ Outside consultant

☐ Upgrade paths

☐ ‘Next step’ product


☐ Level of encryption

☐ Granularity of role-based access

☐ Audit trails

☐ Deactivation of access


☐ Installation: _____ weeks

☐ Data conversion: _____ weeks

☐ Training: ________ weeks

☐ Deployment: ________ weeks

Total: ________ weeks

Vendor reputation

☐ Three references, preferably in your industry

☐ Vendor outlook over next 3-5 years

Total cost of ownership

☐ Acquisition (includes customization)

☐ Ongoing operating expenses

☐ Support/maintenance



Since 2008, Conexus SG has been the consultancy of choice for companies looking to extract more value from their Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions.

Our proprietary ITIBO approach (Implementation, Training, Integration, Business Intelligence, Optimization) has helped companies improve their reporting, enhance their operations, and solve pain points unique to their business.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you leverage the strengths of Microsoft Dynamics for your needs.


“Quality went up significantly; cost savings due to productivity went up. Conexus helped fix the reports that the previous vendor couldn’t. With Conexus, we were beginning to get what our platform was meant to do.”

 Greg Nicholas, CIO Senior Care Centers

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