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20 Mar

This power couple’s union in the workplace is nothing short of miraculous

Bacon and eggs. Batman and Robin. Wine and roses. Did you know that classic pairings also extend to software?

Meet the newest great-for-each-other pairing: Microsoft Dynamics GP and Office 365.

Both interoperate with each other, extending the value of your Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation. Welcome to a world of improved productivity, 24/7 reliability and user collaboration across the entire business spectrum.

Like all good marriages, they make each other better. Microsoft Dynamics GP leverages Office 365’s functionality, such as reporting and Excel-based analysis, presence and instant messaging, transaction initiation through Lync, and many other Office features we’ve all come to appreciate. The fact that these are now available through the Cloud with Office 365 is icing on the cake.

Just to underline the value-added agility, in Office 365 you can access your calendar, SharePoint and email on one platform – a single sign-up that has been a signature benefit of 365. With the improved integration, comprehensive views of important financial information are not only available, they’re customizable too.

We’ve all faced the conundrum of systems runarounds, where you had to dive into various systems for the same information. With the integration of Microsoft Dynamics GP and Office 365, role tailored dashboards allow employees and users to see and interact with data appropriate to their daily functions and responsibilities.

In addition, this power couple helps companies do the following:

Enhance the bottom line. If your firm has already invested in Microsoft Office, you can deploy Office 365 for other employees and give them the ability to ‘mix and match’ their Office purchases based on their needs. This saves money and reduces training costs.

Make deployment of Lync and SharePoint a breeze. It’s a known fact that not having IT staff can impact a company’s decision to use Lync and SharePoint. Office 365 eliminates this traditional pain point by taking on the setup, administration and ongoing maintenance, allowing you to increase revenues and close sales more quickly.

Provide people with the latest business intelligence through the application they use most often. More than 220 built-in Excel reports that can be refreshed with a single click can be accessed through Microsoft Dynamics GP, a network file share or a SharePoint Server site.

Need more details on how this dynamic duo can help make everyday business life easier? Contact us to discuss how we can make the Microsoft Dynamics GP-Office 365 union work for you.

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