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03 May

FEI Dallas Energy: The Roadmap to Net Zero

On Wednesday, April 21st, 2021, the FEI Dallas Energy SIG hosted a thought-provoking presentation on how we can achieve net zero and meet energy demands of the future. Our speaker, Rob West of Thunder Said Energy, gave insight on the specific technologies and practices that represent enormous opportunities in the energy industry and achieving net zero.

Key points included:

  • Opportunities to reach net zero lie in efficient oil and gas, decarbonization technologies, nature-based solutions, and CO2 EOR
  • Three main criteria when choosing a pathway to get the world to net zero include being economically efficient, having technical readiness, and decarbonization
  • Oil and gas companies play a critical role in attaining net zero by producing products that are efficient and low in carbon
  • Offsetting carbon and achieving grid resilience are two important factors when working towards net zero

For more information on how to register and attend upcoming events, contact the FEI SIG Coordinator, Eric Holleman, using the form below.

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