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01 Oct

Microsoft Dynamics GP COA Integration

When running a standard integration package to import a Chart of Accounts in to Microsoft Dynamics GP, if the segment does not exist, GP will generate a dialog box asking if you want to add the segment. Since the standard integration uses macros to import the data, the integration will fail when that dialog is generated unless you plan for that contingency.

There are two workarounds for this issue.  The first requires you to generate the dialog using the GP user interface, and click the check box on the dialog to keep from displaying this message again. This sets a flag called USRDFSTR to ‘1’ for coDefaultType = ’13’ and userId=sa’ in the SY01401 table in the company database. If you want to restore the dialog, you must issue the following sql statement against the company database: UPDATE SY01401 SET USRDFSTR=’0′ WHERE coDefaultType = ’13’ and userId=’sa’.  If you want to integrate the COA without changes the User Interface options, use the 2nd option.

The second is to use the eConnect destination adapter for the destination adapter in integration manager. EConnect does not use macros, hence the dialog is not an issue.  In order to use the eConnect destination adapter, eConnect should be installed. Then when you create the integration, as you select the destination adapter, be sure to pick the eConnect Adapter, named “Microsoft Dynamics GP eConnect”. Using this method will insure successful integration of the Chart of Accounts into GP.

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