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21 Jun

When QuickBooks is no Longer Enough

QuickbooksWhen a business is just getting started, Quickbooks is a practical financial management tool.  Its limited features and options make it easy to learn when the other aspects of starting a business are competing for your attention.  But, as a company grows – adding employees, locations and products, the need for more powerful tools becomes apparent.   Not only does the growing sophistication of your business tax Quickbooks in ways that it was never intended to support, but the lack of forecasting tools available are also holding you back.

So what is the next step for your growing business? An ERP software platform designed with small to midsize companies in mind, like Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Think about it this way:  Quickbooks offers just over 100 standard reports.  When you are starting out, this can seem like more than enough. All you really wanted to know was if there was enough money coming in to pay your staff and buy materials. But with GP, the list of standard reports more than double that.  Also, with the use of the easy and powerful SmartList Builder, you can create customized reports right in Excel.  So, you can see more than just cash flow, but in-depth analysis of payroll, inventory, sales by location, and manufacturing costs, all in the Microsoft Excel format that you already know how to use.  This information can become a powerful decision making tool as you plot the course of your growing enterprise.

Another benefit: more efficient use of your time.  Chances are, this article got your attention because you are starting to see the tell tale signs of a system that is reaching its capacity.  Reports are taking longer and longer to load; system crashes beginning to occur.  And, not only is this frustrating, but a huge waste of your time.  Upgrading to a system with greater capacity can make accessing your data take seconds, not minutes.  MS Dynamics GP can even be programmed to run specified reports at regular intervals that are then emailed to the appropriate parties, giving your bookkeepers time to focus on the financials, rather than fighting with the system or standing by the copier.

One more reason to make the switch?  Customer support.  Working with Microsoft Dynamics and a Certified Reseller will partner you with a technical expert to both develop the unique tools that you require, and make sure that you and all your employees are getting the most out of all the amazing data you are collecting.

Don’t sit waiting for those Quickbooks reports to load another day. Choose a platform like Microsoft Dynamics GP and a partner like Conexus SG who can help you turn your data into the information that powers your growing business.

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