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30 Oct

ReQlogic Delivers Efficient Workflow and Cost Controls and the Tightest Possible Integration with MS Dynamics

If building efficiencies and controlling costs are top of mind within your organization, then you need to know that ReQlogic can help you manage 60% or more of your organization’s expenditure more effectively, and that it delivers the tightest integration possible with Microsoft Dynamics.

The powerful browser-based functionality of ReQlogic drives eProcurement, requisitions, invoices, expense reports, and time tracking throughout your business, delivering seamless two-way integration and eliminating double entry as ReQlogic and MS Dynamics are populated bilaterally.

With ReQlogic, business managers, administrators and employees throughout your company have the ability to measurably close gaps in communication by providing teams with predetermined options and a clear approval process. Over-spending that can erode the bottom line is greatly diminished when managers have complete visibility before spending occurs.

When you empower your Microsoft Dynamics ERP with ReQlogic, you will reclaim precious time and reduce mountains of paper. ReQlogic is easy to use with an interface that is intuitive and simple, powered by an incredibly strong workflow, approval queues with mobile capability, and a step by step audit trail that gives you real time visibility into your operations. ReQlogic is also highly configurable and flexible, allowing you to upgrade and adjust the system and workflow setup as your company grows and your business changes.


Feature-rich options and benefits provide:

  • Powerful Routing and Advanced Workflow
  • Approval Process Optimization
  • Requisition Control
  • Budget Control
  • General Ledger Budget
  • Project Budget
  • Encumbrance Management
  • Electronic Vendor Invoice processing
  • Expense Receipt Capture
  • Project Integration
  • Punchout and Catalog Connector
  • SharePoint Integration
  • Mobile functionality for review/approval/time and expense entry – anytime, anywhere
  • Ensured Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Microsoft Dynamics CfMD certified

With over 40,000 users worldwide, multi-language capabilities, and a proven implementation methodology, ReQlogic’s seamless integration with all of the Microsoft Dynamics ERPs and rich capabilities make it the solution of choice for managing advanced workflow. As the longest established provider of eProcurement solutions for the entire Microsoft Dynamics suite, ReQlogic provides stability, expertise, and long-standing Microsoft partnerships.

Get direct, real-time integration with all four Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions. Regardless of how you configure your e-procurement solution, ReQlogic upgrades are automatic, seamless and stress-free. Flexible, easy to configure and most of all easy to use, it’s no surprise that ReQlogic is the industry leader.

Contact Conexus SG today to learn more about how ReQlogic can improve your ERP.

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