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02 Aug

Upgrading to GP 2013: Observations

After completing a recent upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 to GP 2013 we ran across an interesting observation that I would like to share with the community.

We set up our test environment by creating a virtual machine from the production environment to test the upgrade and work out any problems. As we were stepping through the upgrade process we reached the dialog box informing us about the company upgrades and noticed that the SQL server section said that it was going to update the actual production SQL server. This immediately stood out to us.

We checked multiple areas in SQL server and the VM itself to ensure that we were not making a mistake. We discussed environment variables and system variables within SQL server, mainly “@@servername”. The @@servername property on the test SQL server was indeed the name of the production SQL server.

We decided to change the variable name to the name of the test SQL server. When we installed GP 2013 again, all the information about the SQL server was correct. Below is a link that proved very helpful in changing the @@servername property.


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